This section is geared towards those who wish to optimize their experience with and contains materials and configuration options that are more technical.

Advanced Styling Customization

You may continue to customize the banner further with custom CSS if you’d like. Simply apply any styling rules to the following css classes:

  • .ssb-banner-container this class is applied to a <div> element that contains the banner
  • .ssb-banner-text this class is applied to a <p> element that contains the Banner Text

Advanced Conversion Metrics

You may specify additional elements on your website that you wish to track for conversions. These specified elements will have their button clicks tracked to better track the optimized banner variant, and to track in the analytics page. A common use case for this feature is to track when a user visits your page and clicks a button such as a checkout button or a button to sign up for your newsletter. You can add as many or as few of these elements as you’d like.

Specifying A Custom Conversion Click Element

To specific which element should be used to track additional conversions, simply add the data attribute data-ssb-click.


<button data-ssb-click>Buy</button>
<a data-ssb-click href="#">Link</a>