Getting Started

For any questions or support, please email us at

Getting Started

After purchasing SmartSaleBanner, you now have unlimited access to the wide amount of features available that allow you to convert more visitors into customers. Once you are logged in, you will be first greeted with a dialog to enter your domain for your website. For any questions or support, please email us at

Your First Domain

Domain: your domain should be the root of your website, without the protocol. Like

Your domain will hold all the SmartSaleBanners that you wish to create, and within those any amount of variants to customize and show your visitors.

If you own multiple websites, feel free to add as many domains as you’d like using the dropdown menu at the top left of the site, or by navigating to (opens in a new tab) and clicking on the “Add New Domain” button.


After you are satisfied with your banner(s) and configuration, install the banner by pasting the code snippet within the <head> element of your website. This unique snippet can be found on the page of the list of your banners, or here (be sure to change [domain] to your domain with no brackets):